The next meeting of the Edinburgh Fortean Society is on :
Tuesday 11th of July
Stew Smith will be talking on

The Lonely House on Adachi Moor -

Ghosts, Gore and Demons in Japanese Ukiyo-e Art

One of the most popular themes in Japanese woodcut print art (Ukiyo-e) is the horrific or supernatural. The story of the Hag of Adachi Moor, has been the subject of many such art works, as well as inspiring the famous film Onibaba (demon hag). I hope to show you some of my favourite images from artists such as Yoshitoshi, the last great master of Ukiyo-e, who created a number of depictions of the Adachigahara story as well as many other famous monsters and murderers. 
Not for children or the faint-hearted!
Monkey Barrel Comedy Club
9-11 Blair St,
Admission only £1!